The Spiritual Energies of Nature Orisha Community

Living with values

The Temple in Abéòkúta is just a continuation of Bàbá King’s mission. To have a mission is to do everything that is under your capacity or control. So the Temple in Abéòkúta started operating even before its construction. The first group of people Bàbá King took to Nigeria 29 years ago to initiate there in Ifa and the Órìsà made the first step towards the constructing of the Temple.

When Bàbá King finished the first part of the Temple in Mongaguá he realized that he needed to give something back to Africa. Because it was Africa that gave him the most important thing someone can have in life – prestige and respect.


So he decided to build a Temple in Abéòkúta. He bought the land in 2005 and the first part of the Temple was built in 2007. The Temple is still under construction, because there are so many things Bàbá King plans to do.

All the artistic work is done by famous artists from Osogbo, Chief Adebisi Akanji and Chief Adisa Nurudeen.