The Spiritual Energies of Nature Orisha Community

Living with values

The history of The Spiritual Community of Orisa – The Energies of Nature and of the first initiations for Slovenians, Croatians, Serbians …


We have been searching for several centuries … the wisdom, the connection with nature that our pagan ancestors Slavs still had – the usability of the nature in praxis. We have been meeting in several groups; we were investigating on our own, visited different Masters from all over the world that could give us the practical knowledge, not just the theory. When in February 2003 a group of spiritual seekers, gathered around Ladislav Medvešček and Jasmina Audič, went to Brazil where African priests would perform initiations for them, no one knew exactly what kind of rituals these were.


The only thing that mattered to them was that it was an experience from the origin and it was their intuition that gave them hope this was the real thing.

The energies of nature are omnipresent, but they received their names for the first time: if was Ifa, Orisa …

The group met Baba King, one of the most important priests and links between the original Yoruba heritage and the western world, the high Ifa priest babalawo Fabunmi and one of the superior priestesses of female power ija Asabi Obimonure.

These seekers went through the initiation processes, a short course of practical knowledge and upon their return with the help of all of this they began to change the quality of their lives.

It was their excitement and the visible changes of the quality of their lives noticed by everybody that triggered the journey of the next group next year and the many groups that followed …

The biggest advantage for us has been brought by Baba Kings' visits to Slovenia and later by visits of other priests as well. The chance to study the Ifa philosophy,

Ifa Odus, their priceless value has also been protected by UNESCO, the chance of getting to know the rituals, the wisdom, the chance to return back to nature in a way that is very similar to our pagan roots, was probably introduced by babalawo Fabunmi's prophecy that Slovenians are a highly important group for Europe.

This was later confirmed in praxis also through the fact that with the help of this first group of initiates within ten years more than 250 people have been travelling to Brazil from all over Europe, most of them from Slovenia and the countries of Ex-Yugoslavia.

The Spiritual Community of Orisa – The Energies of Nature was founded in 2007 out of a need for our meetings indoors as well as out in the field to receive a public face. Its leader and representative was confirmed by Ifa divination.

We are thankful to the Medvešček family that made available their house in Podčetrtek for the purposes of registration and lectures free of charge, we are thankful to residents of Podčetrtek that despite initial doubts embraced us as their own later on.

As the situation in Brazil has thought us, no seed can grow, if there is no soil to plant it in. This is why Baba King established a firm in Slovenia called Afriški kulturni center d.o.o. that has become a legal and formal subject to organize official lectures for broader population and later became the owner of a house and land in Bizeljska vas. The house is slowly being renovated and the community is growing.

And the seed that was planted in 2003 has brought so many fruits that we can be thankful to the soil that feeds it.