The Spiritual Energies of Nature Orisha Community

Living with values

SARA – spiritual generosity: generosity as a mean for communication with divinities, to achieve our goals.

In this life, everything is based on exchange. Regardless of what we want for our lives, what our interests are, we have to give something in exchange, to accept something in exchange. Nothing in this life is for free. Nobody offers anything without having his own interests in the background. It is a lie to claim that we did something for nothing. At a minimum, our ego had the personal satisfaction of having done something "for free." Our personal satisfaction is, therefore, interest and payment.
Everything in this life is based on two balances: what I wish to have and what I give in turn.
Sara works in this manner too.


Sara is one of the basic rituals, it is something very simple, inexpensive, something everybody can do and something that is close to everybody’s reality. It is intended for us to acquire an inclination for the solution to our problems.


We believe we have different energies, constantly in touch with human beings. These energies, we can call them spirits, are acquainted with both our problems and their solutions. These energies are communicators between the physical and the spiritual aspect of a person's life. We believe in life beyond this life. Moreover, we are receiving many different influences from the spiritual world.

Sometimes people wake up in a bad mood, indisposed, exhausted after too much or too little sleep, even more tired than before going to bed. How is this possible? We went to bed to rest so we should be fitter and healthier. This happens because we are in constant contact with the supernatural world. Sara is the energy that we create in order to maintain this communication.

With the ritual we perform, we transmit the message about our problem, our wishes, requests to our friends and relatives, who are already in the spiritual world.

We offer the symbolism of Sara to all these invisible energies, invisible powers, to transfer itself to the energies we are calling upon. In exchange for that, they give us what we wish for – health, peace, tranquillity, good luck, success, love…

Whenever we perform Sara ritual at home, we should invite other people to join us. When we express our invitation, all our spiritual friends, the spiritual energies, a part of our universe, become attentive and prepared to accept our offering. This is only possible through man’s contentment which is why it should be performed collectively.

Inviting a person over to a cup of coffee is not Sara. This must be something intended for a wider crowd because this collective energy of the contented people over good food is what has an impact on our problem, what will enable us to access these energies. Moreover, these energies will work on behalf of our interest. Whoever performs the Sara ritual has an interest connected with the goals in our lives.

Those goals can be temporary; for example, a person who was taken ill invites people to Sara to attract energies into his life that would speed up his recovery. Alternatively, Sara could be performed as a prevention measure so that the energies would keep us healthy.

There are also constant Saras, the people with abiku energy; for example (people who are often misunderstood by society, who are self-destructive but at the same time geniuses, prone to accidents and illnesses, and yet with an incredible ability to survive). Such people have to perform Sara often in order to invite their spiritual friends to come and encircle their energy through the Sara ritual. This is done frequently and every time such a person performs Sara, it feels as if this person has revitalized his or her power and energy.

Someone can decide to perform constant Saras as a personal pact with the energies; for example, with the intention to have constant progress in life. We can intend 1% of our salary to revitalize our good luck with Sara.

Buy good, quality food and prepare it with your heart and love, because if we want good results, we have to serve the food to our guests with respect. Buying candy and dividing them between children in a playground is also a kind of Sara. Before serving food to our guests, offer one plate with food and drinks to EGBE – the energy of spiritual brothers and sisters. You can place it in a corner of your flat, take it out in the garden; Sara is a spiritual ritual, so it can be performed by all those who believe in the existence of invisible energies. The guests need not know what the feast is for, but it is ideal if they do. In our philosophy, the guests give thanks for Sara so that they symbolically clean the body of their host – with a simple move as if to stroke him or her on the back.

Many people are already performing Sara unconsciously; even folk customs include a feast into important events and celebrations to share the joy with other people over food.

Sara should take place in a merry atmosphere, with goals specifying its purpose.