The Spiritual Energies of Nature Orisha Community

Living with values

The inner oltar, a place, where our fate is created is a principle that decides on human lives.

Ori is the basic of our personality, it decides about our good and bad luck that is why our Ori (the place in our head) is the most important thing we have, something that we should worship in our life.

Ori is symbolic represented by our head. Our head is also the reference of our physical personality. In the physical world, Ori is responsible for all personalities that we show outwards; for our good character, bad character; for our impatience, self-confidence, responsibility and lack of responsibility. Our Ori is the main reference for our spiritual and social identity; therefore it is of great importance to take good care of it.


The most important factor in every divination is who is performing it. In our everyday lives, we receive orientation from our friends, colleagues, neighbours, inquisitive persons, teachers at school and others, but we need to get it from the people who really can show us the right direction in life and who are in doing so unbiased.


If it is possible to really get the orientation – direction, based on experiences and knowledge, this is even better.


SARA – spiritual generosity: generosity as a mean for communication with divinities, to achieve our goals.

In this life, everything is based on exchange. Regardless of what we want for our lives, what our interests are, we have to give something in exchange, to accept something in exchange. Nothing in this life is for free. Nobody offers anything without having his own interests in the background. It is a lie to claim that we did something for nothing. At a minimum, our ego had the personal satisfaction of having done something "for free." Our personal satisfaction is, therefore, interest and payment.
Everything in this life is based on two balances: what I wish to have and what I give in turn.
Sara works in this manner too.