The Spiritual Energies of Nature Orisha Community

Living with values

One day a man came to an Ifa divination for the purpose of finding out what to do, to make his life better. It was advised to him to give offering to his ancestors, so that they look upon him through blessed eyes. He did what he was told and received the blessing of his ancestors. Ancestor veneration is one of the best recipes you can prescribe to anyone, because with the help of the ancestors he/she will be able to find solutions to his/her problems.

Our connection to our ancestors is so intimate, that in the Yoruba tradition, the dead are buried at home and not at the cemetery. In this way they can wish their ancestors good morning every morning and good night every night. They can sit on the ancestors’ grave, cry there or laugh, as death does not separate us from life. Death is just a passage to another life.

Therefore if we love someone, we say Odabo – which means se you soon. This reunion may occur in dreams, imagination, through a feeling that we lost someone whom we love or simply by worshiping of our ancestors. To us death doesn't set an end to anything. Death is just a new beginning, a possibility to be born again. There are to kinds of ancestors: the female and the male ancestors.

The first thing we have to realize is the concept of death.

Death in Yoruba is called IKU. The word KU means “to die”. Death is a process of trespassing from one world into another. If we don’t acknowledge the existence of death, it is impossible for us to be freed from its imminent danger. Here we are at the most interesting point: in the African world, death is being celebrated (not bemoaned). In this way the people accept the reality of life. Death is comprehended in two ways: socially accepted death, this means that somebody died in late age of his/her life and socially not accepted death. To the second kind of death belong tragic, unexpected deaths of young people. Deaths of such people are unexpected, they occur in young age and in most cases they belong to the energy called ABIKU – born for premature death. That is why we worship our ancestors also with the intention to avoid the possibility of premature death before we have lived our fate in full.
There are also two levels of ancestors, regardless of being Egungun (male ancestors) or Gelede (female ancestors):

  • venearble ancestors
  • not honorable ancestors

Not everyone who dies is adequate to be an venerable ancestor. To be venerated after someones death, this person had to achieve some certain level of dwelling and existence in his/her time while being alive. A person who reaches a certain level of evolution, while still alive, when he/she dies, his/her family ties are practically lost and this person is being generally venerated as an venerable ancestor. Such a person represents the door between the world of the living and the world of the dead.
This means that our behaviour, our manners while alive determine how we are going to be venerated after death. After a venerable person has died an appeal is made and his/her energy then materializes so it can become the messenger for all people.
Our character is the one, who determines how we are going to be socially accepted while alive and how we are going to be socially accepted when we die. Your opportunity to assure a good reincarnation and a good evolution starts now, at this moment.

The ancestors symbolize a community and construction – development. They are a symbol of peace and harmony.
We invoke them to understand our direction in life, to fight for us and our interests.
We also invoke the ancestors to give us the orientation, to direct us to the right path. We ask them to show us the easiest way to get rid of our problems.

Male as well as female ancestors are represented by a mask, which is used by the priest as a medium. For starters it is enough, if we simply express to the ancestors our pledge for the wellbeing in our life in our own language, in our own way or simply as we like.

However if we want to make a radical change of our life, we visit a priest, who is initiated into this energy.
Worshiping of the ancestors is especially important if we notice that history is repeating itself: the same disease, the same habits in the family. With worshiping of the ancestors we can erase the problem our precedent generations had and prevent the passing on to future generations.
The energy of worshiping the ancestors is too spiritual as to simply classify it under some religion.
There are two ways of worshiping ones' ancestors; two ways how to invoke the blessing of our ancestors:

  • we can make an offering – the best way to do that is to give them what they liked the most while still alive
  • we can prepare dinner at home for a group of people and dedicate it as the worshiping of an ancestor – this is called Sara for the ancestors

The basic mean of worshiping is also to clean the graves, to light the candles. It is of great importance to regularly visit the grave and to talk to the ancestors. Important is the verbal communication.

We distinguish between the physical-biological genetics and astral – spiritual genetics.
A child brings into this world at its birth the physical-biological genetics of its’ family. The dead ancestors have a strong impact on the astral-spiritual genetic line of all those kins, who are alive. The ancestors are also being worshiped so we can be more harmonious, to clean our life of turbulences. We are constantly in touch with these ancestors, because we believe that the present is just the continuation of our past and this present moment is just a predecessor of the future. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know where your ancestors are buried.

The spiritual, astral, physical and biological genetics are stored in your body and are with you wherever you are. Therefore you can always pray for your ancestors in your own way. When we speak of prayer, we mean the expressing of your wishes, what you want from them to do. You can ask them for progress, for health, money, good luck etc. For this reason we always say while addressing them: “You are the ones who said my life is going to be sweet, bring sweetness of this planet into my life.” Sometimes we advise our clients to go to church they belong to and to pray there for their ancestors. The only thing which is forbidden in ancestor worshiping is to do nothing; Not remembering them, not to ask them for anything.