The Spiritual Energies of Nature Orisha Community

"Life is a play – you decide, if you want to be the main actor, an extra or just a spectator"

We are the Spiritual Community of Orisha – energies of nature; we have been present in Slovenia for many years, but only recently, have we become publicly recognized. Our activities have grown beyond meetings in our flats, picnics in the countryside and passing our knowledge on to the nearest neighbours. The time has come when it is necessary for the knowledge about human life to become part of the basic education of the young and the old because it is never too late for wisdom and too early for happiness. What we worship is universal because the divinities of nature are universal. We call them Orisha – divinities, energies, that are manifested in nature and are part of human nature.

Living with values

  • Until further notice, gatherings will only be held on the premises of the Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà - Energies of Nature, Bizeljska vas 20a or in a rented hall in Groblje.
  • All of the acts of worship that have previously been performed in a natural environment remain in place; however, the priest who organises the festival in the name of the Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà - Energies of Nature will now perform them prior to the festival in nature, on their own and on behalf of the group; at the festival, an additional offering of nuts will be performed in the name of the group. The community finances the work of ashoguns and covers the costs of preliminary offerings.
  • Only healthy individuals with no symptoms of respiratory infection, coughing or fever are allowed to participate. The elderly, chronic patients and other medically compromised individuals are advised to join the event by meditating in the comfort of their homes.
  • Prior to entering the gathering space, every individual must disinfect their hands using a disinfectant.
  • In an enclosed space, every ritual participant must wear a protective mask (since we are worshippers of the energies of nature, it is highly recommended to wear reusable washable masks). During outdoor events, the wearing of masks is not obligatory as long as the safety distance of 1.5 metres is observed. When there is the possibility of breaching the safety distance due to movement (e.g. the dance of the Orisha!), the wearing of masks is obligatory.
  • In an enclosed space, it is necessary to maintain the interpersonal safety distance of at least 1.5 metres. These restrictions do not apply to families or individuals living in a joint household.
  • The number of individuals permitted in an enclosed space is limited to the number of people that can be safely accommodated taking into account the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres.
  • During the ceremony, mutual cooperation between priests is only permissible when observing the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres. The only exception are the necessary actions during the ceremony (e.g. the handling of liturgical objects), when the wearing of masks is recommended.
  • In an enclosed space where eleguns and atokuns are preparing for the ritual, the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres must be observed. Due to the nature of preparation, eleguns are not obliged to wear a mask, whereas atokuns are.
  • Drumming and singing are permitted; the performers must observe the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres both outside and in enclosed spaces. It is obligatory to use protective covers for microphones. They will be provided by the Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà - Energies of Nature. Every singer will receive their own cover and is obliged to disinfect it at the end of the performance.
  • When the worshippers arrive for the ceremony, put down the donation, accept the ceremonial food offering, etc., they must observe the interpersonal safety distance of 1.5 metres and wear a protective mask.                                                           
  • Upon the conclusion of an event that took place in an enclosed space, the participants located near the exit move towards the exit door as soon as possible so as to facilitate a smooth flow of movement.
  • Following every event, the premises must be thoroughly ventilated (for at least 30 minutes) and disinfected.
  • The sara ritual may only be performed if the food catering services are available, offering individually packaged food items that are deemed safe according to the HACCP system. If this is not practically feasible, the participants will provide food on their own. The Community will only provide fruit. Eating in the temple is otherwise not allowed.
  • The ritual »E̟ ku inawo« (an expression of gratitude for all the effort and funds put into the preparation of the sara ritual) is performed only by stating these words and by making a symbolic affectionate gesture from a safe distance of 1.5 metres.
  • The ritual »to share an offering - a meal with an Orisha« can not be publicly performed until further notice.
  • Participants in the ceremonies provide for their own bottled water. The water in Bizeljska vas is of excellent quality; you only need a bottle which you can fill.
  • All participants in the rituals use outside toilets and observe hygiene regulations with regards to hand washing and sanitization as well as the use of paper towels. All of the necessities will be provided for.


Iya Jasmina Awodiran Gbenga, representative of the Spiritual Community of the Òrìṣà - Energies of Nature