Geistesgesellschaft der Orischen - Energien der Natur

Wir leben mit Werten

Haben Sie Schwierigkeiten? Werden Sie von Fragen belastet, auf die Sie keine Antwort wissen? Auf eine religiös unbeschwerte Art und Weise werden wir versuchen Ihnen mit einem Rat zu helfen, damit Sie besseres Befinden, besseres Leben erreichen können.

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We give you some of the wisdom of our deities, and if you wish, you can use them in practice.
This wisdom is an appreciation of the energy of the goddess Yemanja ("Y" pronounced as "j" and "j" as in the word "jazz") that you can perform alone.
Because of the influence of group energy, joining millions of people around the world performing on Jan. 1 or during the night between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 is great. At this time, about 2 million people make it on the Copacabana coast in Rio de Janeiro.
For all of us, the New Year means a new beginning, wants everyone to wish that no bad things, experiences, suffering, illnesses, etc., would follow us into the next year. That's why this moment is so popular among people.
The ocean, lakes and fresh waters (rivers, lakes and streams) are the symbols of Yemanja. She is the goddess of our consciousness, our Ori - symbolically represented by our head - of our altar, with which we can actively influence our destiny. Wherever there is water, there is also Yemanja.

Yemanja is an energy that mitigates our suffering. More under ...


Yemanja is the one who cleanses our pain. It takes away the sadness, the suffering and gives us the feeling of contentment and happiness. She is considered the mother of many Orish. She is known for her ability to save people when they are sick, restless, abandoned by their good fortune.

What do you do?

One puts on white clothes (that symbolizes purity, innocence), cooks rice, white polenta (corn meal), in short: one can use any white food. Do not flavor too much - just so much that it is tasteful. If you do not have the opportunity to cook, or you want to make something more, you buy white flowers; the number of flowers is arbitrary. With everything that has been prepared for the presentation, you go to the beach or to the river bank, etc. You can add a few coins fortunately.

Kneel on the ground and touch it with your forehead three times. Step into the water barefoot and talk to Yemanja with a determined but loving voice. Tell her what she should remove from your life and what she should bring into your life. Speak loud! In this way you also tell yourself what you no longer want and what you need. During speaking, put the food, the flowers on the water level, so that it is taken away from the stream.


Example : "Yemanja, I ____________ (say your name) came to you today (tonight / evening) with this offering Yemanja, I beg you, accept my offering and remove all my suffering, bad luck, ... from mine Life. "/ Be accurate, list all the pain, illness, difficulty, conflict, ... ./

"Yemanja, you are the goddess of my destiny, you must make sure that my fate will be crowned with good luck of all sorts in the year ________ Bring me luck for my health, my joy, my love, my business, ..."

"Yemanja, you are the symbol of motherhood, care for me, for I am your child, protect me from all negative influences, how a mother protects her child, care for me and give me the possibility that I will be patient, calm tolerant that I will have good relationships with my neighbors, harmony in my family, peace in my mind, in my soul. "

It would be ideal, if you could bathe. Because of the cold in Europe, this is of course difficult to do, but you have to be barefoot in the water, because the feet symbolize the human way of life and Yemanja will clear the way. In the end, lower your hands into the water and put a little water on your ori - your head, as a blessing of good luck given by Yemanja. Thank her, step out of the water and kneel again on the ground and touch it with your forehead three times.


At the transition from one year to the next, offerings are organized, with the priests professionally executing a group offering for Yemanja, and summoning other energies of nature that can mend our lives. The offering is carried out on the Slovenian coast and / or some rivers, where you can also make a symbolic donation to The Spiritual Community of Orish - Energy of Nature. For the time and places of the group camps, follow our current information or ask one of the priests.